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Jessica Wufan
26 January 2033 @ 04:29 am
A little self-intro first .

Name: Jessica/CW

Loves♥: 동방신기 ,YUNJAE윤재 , KIM JAEJOONG
Hates ☠: Anti fans (i'll never understand why they have such a strong hate for people whom they don't even know,so please don't add me if you're an anti fan of any artiste.)

♥ !
i'm glad anyone is even taking time to read this,so if you're reading it right now,thank you for sparing me a little of your precious time (˘ε ˘· )

I ♥ korean music.
I listens to mostly K-pop,but the one and only artiste that is able to get me spending my savings on them,spends hours on the computer reading on their updates,listening to their music all day long without even feeling bored,makes me excited and got my heart beating every min when i know i'll be seeing them in person soon is my ONE AND ONLY : TVXQ :)

i've been a fan for 3 and a half years & its gonna continue.
i've personally seen them live in concerts for 4 times,stalk them for 2 days(with not much luck anyways.LOL),and i'm always amazed by them and i actually felt like i understand them more & more after seeing them live...

Happy memories that would never ever leave my mind during the concerts-

1. Changmin waved back at me :D
2. Junsu waved back at me during the goodbye ending part ^^
3. Changmin glanced at me twice during the 2nd night like he recalled seeing me during the 1st.
4. JaeJoong finally looked in my direction (i think it was becos i was staring at him & crying throughout the whole song,so maybe he got creeped out by that.haha)
5. Yunho squint his eyes at me when he saw my i♥yoonho towel :D
6. How i was grossed out by Minnie's sweat during the first ever con i went to and how i totally melted after seeing his beautiful smile during the last con <3
7. Yoochun was really interactive with the crowd and charming and sweet and so cute.

i'm such a desperate sounding fangirl now ._.
But i'm not the type of fangirl that screams endlessly & annoys the heck out of everyone during concerts or turn my lightstick off just becos i don't like a certain member or group.i hate people who does that  :(

Ciao ~^^
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Jessica Wufan
04 February 2011 @ 08:58 pm

Maybe those who are making it JYJ VS HOMIN needs to read this:

Speak for yourself before speaking for others.
if you're JYJ biased or HoMin biased,then go support them with your love and buy their albums.
Don't bashes the other side and create false assumptions and words that neither of the 5 has ever said before.

No matter how people thinks that 5 is over,i am still firmly standing here..

It is absolutely heartbreaking for a parent to watch their children fight and this is exactly how The One (Jung Soon Won) feels watching the recently separated TVXQ / JYJ.

[The One is a mentor to the boys and was most famous for being the vocalist of group Space A in the late 1990's.]

“I first met them when they came back to Korea,” said The One. He continued, “I told them to not misunderstand each other even though they all want to go separate ways. We had a drink and that was that. But they suddenly got divided into two teams and other artists are talking about the boys, I felt so sad.”

The One wrote a message for JYJ and TVXQ on his personal website. A part of his message read “1+1=2, 1+1=3, 1+1+1+1…=1,” expressing his sincere hope for all five of them to stay together.

“Each of them has different standards but it’s disappointing to have opposite sides. What kind of problems would be there among the boys anyway? Sure, they can argue if they disagree with each other but I don’t think it’s a good thing to have someone else divide them and turn them into enemies. Why can’t we all just wait for them without saying anything?

The One feels like a parent when it comes to five TVXQ members. He had always watched all five of them perform together. “They were the brightest and happiest when there were five,” said The One as he reflected on the past but he doesn’t want to force or scold TVXQ; he loves TVXQ just like a teacher loves his student.

source: TV Daily
credit: allkpop

Taken from: SYC
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Jessica Wufan
13 August 2009 @ 02:59 am
What you said..what you once promised,will you still keep that promise?

i believe in TVXQ,i believe in TVXQ as 5....forever.
But sometimes,the worry and fears...really scares me.

i want to stay postive & believe.


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